Core Values

Service. The Untapped Potential Project’s (UPP) mission is to advance public policy that optimizes educational outcomes for children with unique abilities. The interests of these children come first, before the interests of any adults, including parents, teachers, counselors, professionals, UPP staff, or volunteers.

Autonomous. Each Participating organization in the coalition is autonomous, serving its own stakeholders except in matters affecting UPP as a whole. We encourage individuals and organizations to take initiative and do what it takes to succeed.

Unity. The success of our coalition depends on our remaining focused on and unified in the mission we pursue together. UPP ought never endorse, finance, or lend the UPP name to any political effort or cause outside its primary purpose. UPP has no opinion on issues outside education for children with unique abilities; the UPP name ought never be drawn into public controversy outside of our core focus.

Quality. UPP is in the business of advancing very challenging policy initiatives that seek to provide children with unique abilities high quality, individualized educational options — at a scale that few work towards. Nothing short of unparalleled achievements to advance the interests of these children will do. Every effort we conduct represents UPP. If it can’t result in high quality work, UPP should not do it.

Integrity. When we give our word, we keep it. We intend to be long-term, repeat players in the world of public policy. We must therefore be honest, credible, reliable and trustworthy.

Diversity. UPP seeks to be fiercely bipartisan and aggressively diverse — and these are not just buzzwords; they are defining concepts for our coalition and our mission. We embrace uniqueness, celebrate differences, and insist on universal fairness. We know that better solutions come about when people who are different and think differently work together to fashion and then achieve them, and that those solutions are most likely to be implemented when they appeal to a wide and diverse audience.

Respectful Dissent. We encourage open dialogue, impassioned arguments and even heated debates to vet ideas. Doing so improves our results.

Candor. We encourage those involved with UPP to communicate good news fast and bad news faster. If something is not going according to plan, we encourage communication to UPP. If there is a question, concern or better idea, we encourage it to be brought up in a timely manner.

Pragmatic. Abstract notions and conversations don’t improve the educational opportunities for kids; therefore UPP focuses on policy solutions that work in the real world of politics, classrooms, and with parents and their children.