The Bill

Read SB1223 – the Accelerated Placement Act. It was originally introduced by Senator Lightford in the Illinois Senate, and carried in the Illinois House by Representative Lilly. This is the amended version of the bill that was a result of negotiations with opposition.

SB1223 were sponsored by the following legislators: Senator Kimberly Lightford, Senator Chuck Weaver, Senator David Koehler, Senator Dan McConchie, Senator Sue Rezin, Senator Melinda Bush, Senator Karen McConnaughay, Senator Iris Martinez, Senator Don Harmon, Senator Mattie Hunter, Representative Camilles Lilly, Representative Robert Pritchard, Representative Mike Fortner,  RepresentativeLitesa Wallace, RepresentativeNick Sauer, Representative Sonya Harper, Representative Kathleen Willis, Representative Stephanie Kifowit, and Representative Al Riley.