Meet UPPs

“Meet UPPs” are forums where we bring innovations in education policy to stakeholders across “Unique Ability” populations.

The series will feature nationally recognized education leaders such as policy makers, entrepreneurs, community leaders, advocates, and educators. Together, we can share insights and experiences on education policy, research, modern reform, and best practices.

Meet Upps are intended to be interactive events created in partnership with a steering committee who sit closest to the issue at hand. UPP will convene national thought leaders in locations throughout the country for a discussion about critical education policies. To ensure the reality at hand is discussed, parents will participate in the event and also enjoy a fun night out while talented child care providers manage the complex needs of their children.

UPP staff will record the information and viewpoints of participants and use it to prioritize the development of research, policy, and advocacy to build public will to improve public education to meet the needs of unique learners.

Meet UPP #1 – Fall, 2017 – Inaugural Event – SCOTUS case Endrew F. v Douglas County

In addition to the growing national interest around the SCOTUS case “Endrew F. v Douglas County”, local parents and providers are eager to learn how the ruling on what a “Fair and Appropriate Public Education” (FAPE) will improve the level of education students receive…and where it won’t.

To kick off the conversation, UPP will be interviewing Endrew F.’s parents (anonymous), his attorney Jack Robinson, and autism champion Betty Lehman to provide the background on the case, the status, and what is at stake. UPP will host its board chair, distinguished expert Dr. Robin Lake, from the Center on Reinventing Public Education in Seattle, to guide national experts, philanthropists, elected officials, parents, and thought leaders through a discussion about their experience, needs, and how the case or future policy could address their unmet needs.


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