Lake: At Last, a Court Says Kids (Like Mine) With IEPs Deserve a Top Education. But More Fights Loom Ahead

The 74 OpEd by UPP Chairwoman, Robin Lake
March 27, 2017/by Sinthu

Too Many School Districts Forgo Acceleration and Leave Bright Students Behind

Fordham Institute blog post by UPP Policy Director, Josh Dwyer,…
March 20, 2017/by Sinthu

The Denver Post: The Case of Endrew F. and what constitutes an “appropriate” education

The Denver Post OpEd by UPP Senior Advisor Joe Smith
February 28, 2017/by Sinthu

The Denver Post: Children With Unique Abilities

The Denver Post OpEd by UPP Senior Advisor, Betty Lehman.
February 28, 2017/by Sinthu

Aurora Beacon-News: District 308 Overhauling Gifted Education

Aurora Beacon-News discusses school district 308 and their results…
June 9, 2016/by Sinthu

The 74 Million Recognizing the Golden Apple Award Winner

The 74 Million discusses how every child deserves a bite at the…
April 28, 2016/by Sinthu

An Illinois District’s Stark Difference of Enrollment in Gifted Programs

The Journal Star is conducting a yearlong study of Peoria's disparities…
April 26, 2016/by Sinthu

POLITICO: Providing Better Schools in Chicago Can Help Treat the Effects of Violence, Crime, and Poverty

Providing better schools in Chicago can help treat the effects…
April 12, 2016/by Sinthu

Chicago Sun Times: Better Schools Treat Root Causes of Violence

Combating the increased violence in Chicago begins with fixing…
April 11, 2016/by Sinthu

State Journal Register on Untapped Potential

The State Journal Register reports Illinois is failing its gifted…
April 10, 2016/by Sinthu

Naperville Sun Covers the Untapped Potential Data Regarding Their Area

Untapped Potential results show that minority gifted kids fare…
April 8, 2016/by Sinthu

The Education Gadfly Show

The Education Gadfly Show presents educational podcasts on Untapped…
April 6, 2016/by Sinthu
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